Lightweight open source HTML5 URL shortening application

About MSUA

This site was created mainly as a demo, to see if I could.

The name

Mludd's Short URL Application, or just MSUA.

The tech

Design-wise it uses an approximation of the MVC pattern and the code is written in PHP on the server side and JavaScript (with jQuery) client-side. Smarty is used for templating. Data is stored in a MySQL database (although since db access is through PDO this could be changed somewhat easily).

The shortening

Each submitted URL is hashed and the hashed value is converted to a six or seven character Base62 string. A fairly standard way of shortening URLs which gives very short URLs.

The code

You can download the source for the site right here. The license is GPLv3. Also includes a copy of the GPL-licensed font Colaborate by Ralph Oliver du Carrois